Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving.............

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you my friends.  I am thankful so much in my life and that includes all of you.  If you are celebrating I wish you the very best.  If you aren't I wish you the very best Thursday.  To all of you missing family, I completely understand, I miss mine everyday.  To all of you who have seen so much devastation this year, I wish you a full recovery.  To all of you, wherever you are, I wish you peace.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Claudia

Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister Claudia.  She is the very best sister and aunt you can imagine.  Please pop over and send her some birthday wishes.  She deserves them and so much more.  You can find her here at Mockingbird Hill Cottage.

Claudia you know how much I love you.  Thank you for being such a wonderful light in all of our lives.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday projects.....

After seeing a private patient this morning I had much to do.  I went to the health food store for a sale, can't pass that up.  Home Depot for plants and potting soil and back home for some chores.  I re-potted two plants but could not plant my mums or poinsettias because it started raining.  Ah well that I can do that on Tuesday.  I got more done as far as holiday shopping goes, I am almost done with Little Buddy and got a good start on the older boys.  And most important of all I did this.....I packed up a full box of yarn for a very good cause.

Kathy B who has been mentioned quite a bit here lately alerted her readers to a great program at a high school in Chicago.   They teach knitting to help their students to instill calm and help kids get off the streets.   I packed up a lot of yarn, over 4,000 yards and that does not include the balls of extras.  I have recently given a ton of other yarn away and I wish I had it back.  Regardless that yarn is going to a good cause, too.

If you would like to give your yarn away to this worthy endeavor and can find the school here:

North Lawndale High School
1615 South Christiana Ave
Chicago, IL 60623

Look at my yarn cabinet!  It has all the yarn I own with the exception of the two projects I am working on and the next one I am planning.  I am at a record low of 22,500 yards of yarn in my stash.  I am hoping to keep it low and hopefully get under 20,000 yards by the end of the year.

Kathy B had a little present for Little Buddy and me when she visited with the older guys of mine at the Packer game.  She had this fun snake for Little Buddy and a cupcake coloring book.  He loves snakes and often pretends he is one, slithering around on my floor.  As you can see he loves it, even if it is a poisonous coral snake!  I got the cutest turtle button, I forgot to take a photo of it but will do so soon.  Thank you Kathy B.

Yesterday we had a great day, spent with my dearest friend Lynda from North Carolina.  She was in town for a wedding and we got her for a whole day.  We went to lunch and soccer practice.  Or should I say Little Buddy run around on a field and pay no attention to the soccer ball practice.  Afterward, we came home and just played with this little one who actually fell asleep on my lap by 5.  He is still recovering from that nasty virus or flu, but as you can see his smile is back!

I am working a lot the next three days and then have the rest of the week off.  I will be decorating and shopping after Thanksgiving, as I need to get ahead of all this Christmas stuff before it gets ahead of me!  See you soon.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Busy, busy and a trip......

After a very crazy week at work, I know are there any that aren't crazy?  And a teachers conference, Little Buddy is doing fine but can be a bit of a pistol, are we surprised?  We headed off to a whirlwind trip to Wisconsin and Chicago last weekend.  We arrived late Thursday evening.  Met with the the Aunts and their friends for lunch on Friday and headed off to pick up Mr. 20 from the airport.  He had a class Thursday evening he could not miss so arrived after us.  We quickly dressed for the wedding and had a wonderful time.  Little Buddy has been sooooooooo excited about this trip.  There is the train to ride at the airport, it is more of a tram but don't tell him that.  He had an airplane ride and we got to rent a van!  And best of all we got to dance at the, "dance party" after the wedding.  He had a wonderful time.  I am not going to show you our family picture yet as it just might be our Christmas picture. 

But I will show you my two handsome older boys.  They are rarely dressed up so I took the opportunity to take lots of photos of them.  We danced and danced and Little Buddy had the best time ever.  

This is one of the last smiles we saw because after the reception Little Buddy started to cough and cough.  My poor little guy got so sick. He was droopy on the drive to Chicago on Saturday morning and looked even worse when we got into our room.

He took a long nap during the afternoon.  

Actually,  the nap was four hours long.  I had to wake him up because we had big plans.  We were meeting a good portion of my family for dinner.

Uncle Don could only be with us a short time but while he was there he paid the most attention to this little boy.  They talked and snuggled, and Little B even ate a bit of toast for his Uncle.  After Uncle Don left it was all downhill again.  Little Boy sat on my lap and was not all that happy.  

Here is a photo of my beautiful family. Claudia and I are so proud of my niece and nephew.  They have become wonderful parents and truly amazing adults.  It is so nice to see them all grown up and responsible.  I enjoy who they have become so much.  My other nephew, their brother, was not in attendance, he lives in Michigan with his family but you bet I am proud of him, too.   You can see Little Buddy is not that happy in the photo above, he was not feeling well at all by this time.

Little Buddy had a big fever all night long, boy was he restless, I should know because I slept with him.  He got up and promptly fell asleep during breakfast with his Aunt Claudie and Uncle Don at our hotel.  He woke up at the end of our meal and mustered up a little smile.  After the big boys left for the Green Bay Packer/ Chicago Bears game (Please go visit Kathy B's Blog for a little surprise) it was up to our room for another nap. 

Aunt's are just the best aren't they?  We had to stay in due to Little Buddy being ill, it was raining and cold out.  Not much fun as we were so close to museums and the aquarium and of course Kathy B.  So close but so far when you have a little one with a fever.  After the game the big boys came back and showered and ended up going out for pizza, Chicago style.  I stayed in with a little one that had me very worried.  Kathy B was a pediatric nurse so she was texting me what to do and where to go if needed.  If we were home I would have taken him to the Children's Hospital, I was so afraid he was dehydrated.  I just kept pushing fluids, and more fluids, when he was awake.  

We made it home Monday morning but not before yet another nap on the plane.  Here he is nestled up to my lap.  I worked Monday afternoon so Dad and biggest brother were in charge.  Little Buddy fell asleep on the floor and they gently covered him up and left him there for several hours.  He actually just returned to school today.  He barely made it through the day and fell asleep on the ride home.  The doctor says it is just a nasty virus, seems all of my patients are ill, too.  Now I have a cold but I am not surprised.  I got very little sleep with a sick one next to me all night.  He is perking up gradually and now once again we have to fatten him up because he has lost 2 pounds!  

I am so far behind reading blogs and also a bit behind with work.  I will catch up when I can.  Hope you are all well.  And very special thanks to Kathy for her wonderful friendship.  We were literally 1 1/2 miles apart but were not able to meet up this visit.  I know we will in the future.  Now I had better get back to that progress note I was writing.  Have a great day.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Virus Shawl....well sort of...................

My latest shawl is finished.  This is my version of the ever popular Virus Shawl, that seems to have been made a million times as far as Ravelry is concerned.  I have had this shawl in my library forever.  I have never made it as I really did not like the density of the shell stitches.  Then I realized, after looking for hours for a new pattern to make, that I could adapt this and make it more airy.   Based on a search of variations of this shawl when it was completed I can see I am not the first person to think this way.  Actually, there are so many variations of this shawl out there it is amazing.  As for me, I adapted the second and third rows of the shell portion of the pattern.  I added a chain 1 between the DC's on the second row, and a chain 2 between the DC's of the third row of the shell.  Next time I make this, and you know there will be a next time, I will also limit my chain 7 spaces to a chain 6, I think the space is just a bit too large and it makes the shawl not flow as nicely visually.  

This shawl was made with the Queensland Collection Sunshine Coast yarn I recently purchased.  I used almost two skeins so approximately 560 yards of yarn and a size H hook.  The color is Terra Australis, 100.  I am happy that those 560 yards of yarn did not linger in my stash, they were bought and made into a project right away.  I am usually not a fan of beige's and browns but I do like the earthiness of this shawl.  Hope you like it, too!

Did you know that a six year old can't smile?  They simply won't or so I am told.

They have to think about it for a while...................

Then when you forbid them to smile, simple say that they can't do it, look what happens!

By the way a very big thank you for all of your lovely comments about Little Buddy's train costume.   You all made my day.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Here he is.......

Well here he is my friends, Little Buddy the Train.  Not Little Buddy the Conductor, he is an actual train.  I think he wanted me to make him into a real train, but I explained to him that he is a boy and can't be a train, but I would do my best to make him feel like a train. All went well until his light fell off about one house away from mine, no worries Little Buddy was fine with it.  Sorry about the last blurry photo, it was the only one I had with the light on.

He had the best time trick or treating.  Actually he was much more interested in ringing peoples doorbells than the actual candy part of the whole thing.  I think he made many people smile in my neighborhood.  We hardly had any trick or treaters so he was even more in demand than usual.  I was a bit upset with his school, no costumes allowed on Halloween day.  While I understand that Halloween isn't everybody's thing they usually have character day from a favorite book.  I was going to have him be The Little Engine That Could, because frankly he is just like that, trying hard, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......

The Aunts returned to Florida for the winter just in time for Halloween.  They joined us on our walk about the neighborhood, so did the biggest brother who has never been trick or treating with us before because he has always been away.  Little Buddy had a grand time and that is all that matters.  He told me he was going to be a train after his nap today because now he can be a train a lot!  Yup Little Buddy, you sure can.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween is almost here......

As many of you know Halloween is my favorite holiday.  What is not to like about dressing up and getting a few pieces of candy?  It is also my oldest son's birthday, he will soon be Mr. 24!   I am working my regular 13 hour day tomorrow and have a long one planned on Tuesday as well so I wanted to get this Halloween wish out to all of you early.  I hope you all have a fun day.  If you celebrate I hope you enjoy the energy and excitement of the little ones in your life.  If you give out candy, I hope you enjoy all the festivities.  And if you ignore the whole thing that is just fine, too.  Regardless, I hope you all have a great week.  I will post a photo, or two or three, of Little Buddy in his costume as soon as I can after the big day.  Posting during the week gets tougher and tougher as my schedule is packed right now.  Enjoy!

And just a short note in remembrance of my Dad's passing two years ago today.  Sometimes it feels like yesterday and others much to long for him to be gone.  I miss you Dad.